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What Price Crime (1935)

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Thieves break into a warehouse that stores guns, steal them and kill the night watchman. An undercover agent assigned to the case happens to get into a traffic accident with the sister of the man the police suspect is head of the burglary ring, and in order to work his way into the gang, he romances the boss’ sister. Complications ensue when the two fall in love.

The Department of Justice has sent Alan Grey (Charles Starrett) to town to investigate a band of robbers who are stealing munitions and selling them over the border. Alan goes undercover as a prizefighter to get info on Douglas Worthington (Noel Madison), the gang's leader, a nightclub owner who dabbles in prizefighting. Alan falls for Worthington's sister, Sandra (Virginia Cherrill).

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01h 03m 28 May 1935

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