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Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932)

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Button Gwinett Brown is a freshman congressman on a mission to rid Washington of corruption. He quickly runs afoul of the powerful Senator Norton, while falling for the granddaughter of the kindly senator Wylie. He then teams up with some members of the Bonus Army to foil the villains’ plans.

This film could be right off today's internet. It's about the web of lobbyists who have taken over our government. In fact, a film like this would probably not be made today as its take a decidedly anti-capitalist and anti-corporate line. It comes very close to urging a Second Revolution.
Lee Tracy is brilliant but Constance Cummings, an absolutely gorgeous actress, steals the show. The film is made in 1932 but she is utterly modern. A really good film.

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01h 19m 15 October 1932

  • Original title: Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932)
  • Release date: 15 October 1932 (USA)
  • Director: James Cruze
  • Genre: Drama
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