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Väärät juuret (2009)

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In this stylish Finnish drama, the secrets and desires of a family can no longer be suppressed. Mikko turns out to have a hereditary illness. Since then he has been worried. How long can he continue to run the family business that he and inherited from his father, just like his illness? And how does he tell his teenage daughter and adult son that they might have the wrong genes? The imaginative eight-year-old Lumi, adopted from China, also cannot get away from her roots. Mother Mirjami, meanwhile, has financial problems and doesn’t want to trouble the others with them.

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01h 39m 9 October 2009

  • Original title: Väärät juuret (2009)
  • Release date: 9 October 2009 (Finland)
  • Director: Saara Saarela
  • Genre: Drama
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