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Turn Back the Clock (1933)

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Joe and Mary run a tobacco store and are just scraping by. When old friend Ted comes into the store, they renew their friendship, even though Ted is now wealthy and married to Elvira, whom Joe could have married himself, and become the rich one. After a domestic squabble Joe is hit by a car, and when he wakes up he is 20 years younger and can rectify his error and marry Elvina and her money. He does, relives his life as a wealthy man who still remembers his ‘other’ life, and what happened during those years. In the end he realizes that he isn’t as happy as he was formerly, and things come to a head when his ‘new’ life catches up with his old one.

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01h 19m 25 August 1933

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  • Original title: Turn Back the Clock (1933)
  • Release date: 25 August 1933 (USA)
  • Director: Edgar Selwyn
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
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