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The Rebel Set (1959)

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Three beatniks are brought together to rob an armored car, only to face betrayal from amongst their ranks.

Three beatnicks, (Palmer, Sullivan, Lupton) are offered a million dollars by Tucker, a coffee house owner (Platt) if they can follow a secret plan to rob an armored car in Chicago disguised as police and then escape to New York. But they are unaware that he plans to murder them and keep all the money for himself. Lupton and Sullivan are murdered on the train by Tucker, now disguised as Rev. Cunningham. He has crafty plans to also murder Johnny (Palmer) but did not expect him to be travelling with his wife, Jeannie, (Kathleen Crawley) who thinks he's been offered an acting job. Now that both his friends have been murdered, Johnny decides to confess his part in the robbery, but the detective won't believe him. A chase in the railroad yard leads to Tucker's demise.

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01h 12m 28 June 1959

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