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The Midnight Patrol (1933)

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Novice policemen Stanley and Oliver, eating lunch in their patrol car, nearly have their spare tire stolen by a thief and his sassy partner. They then miss the broadcast address of a burglary in progress, and Stanley borrows the phone in a jewelry store to call the station, mistaking the safecracker inside for the shop’s owner. The boys eventually manage to catch the apparent burglar and bring him back to the station, only to find it’s really the police chief, who’d been locked out of his house. The chief exacts a rather dire revenge upon the two rookie cops.

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00h 20m 3 August 1933

  • Original title: The Midnight Patrol (1933)
  • Release date: 3 August 1933 (USA)
  • Director: Lloyd French
  • Genre: Comedy, Short
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