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The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

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Rich Lois Frazer, divorcing her fortune-hunter husband, finds he’s bought a gun. Suspecting he plans to kill her, she calls in her lover, who just happens to be Homicide Lieutenant Ed Cullen. When Ed arrives, the gun gets used…and because of his relationship with Lois, Ed is compelled to compound a felony. The good news: Ed himself is assigned to the case. The bad news: Ed’s hotshot younger brother Andy, a new- minted detective, is also on the case…and anxious to prove himself.

In the San Francisco police department Lt. Ed Cullen (Lee J. Cobb) is saddled with the job of breaking in his new partner on the detective squad, his younger brother Andy Cullen (John Dall) who is eager to do well since he is getting married in a few days. Ed is having an affair with a wealthy married woman Lois Frazer (Jane Wyatt) whose marriage is on the rocks. It seems that Lois's husband Howard Frazer (Harlan Warde) is planning something sinister since he has purchased a revolver and hidden it in the closet. Lois calls Ed to come comfort her since Howard has stormed out ostensibly on his way to Seattle, but when the estranged husband sneaks in and Lois accidentally shoots him dead Ed feels he must help cover up the murder and make things right. Andy is much sharper than he appears and slowly he uncovers what seem to be the truth surrounding the husband's death and draws closer to Ed for a show down.

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01h 21m 26 December 1950

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