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The Debt (2007)

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The year is 1965. Rachel Brener is one of 3 young Mossad agents team who caught “The Surgeon of Birkenau” – a Nazi monster who was never brought to trial in Israel. The official reason was that he was shot as he attempted escape while being held by his Israeli captive (kiddenappers) in a safe house somewhere in Europe. Today, 35 years after the well communicated story of the death of the monster, a small article appears in a local unimportant paper in a Kiev, Ukraine. Surprisingly the Surgeon is alive and is willing to admit his crimes against the human race and especially the Jews. The 3 older x Mossad agents who are in their late 60th became aware to this unfortunate threatening knowledge. The fact was that the “Surgeon” managed to escape from his guards- our 3 agents by wounding the woman who was not alert enough. Now that the old story came up to live again in a completely different version, they needed to cover their asses and secure their lives, reputation and the story they have invented. They decided to act and take the law into their hands by completing their old assignment to eliminate “the Surgeon of Birkenau”, before the big lie will come out to the open. They decided that Rachel is the one to carry out the mission. Rachel today is a well-known beloved writer publishing her new book. She owes that job to her country, friends but especially herself. She will not be able to live with 35 years of terrible lies. Will the respected old lady be able to become once more a cold blooded hit woman and fulfill her destiny and mission to society and to herself?

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01h 40m 29 November 2007

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