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The Crooked Way (1949)

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A World War II veteran, suffering from amnesia but otherwise healthy, is released from a veteran’s hospital, decides to return to Los Angeles to see if he can regain his identity. Trying to retrace his former steps he soon learns that he was a double-crossing gangster, and many people have reasons to wish he wasn’t around…and some try to see to it that he isn’t around very long…alive, at least.

After his release from the war amnesiac and Silver-star awarded Eddie Rice (John Payne) returns to his last address Los Angeles to find out more about his past. No sooner does he hit town he is confronted by Police Lieutenant Joe Williams (Rhys Williams) who tells Eddie he is none other than Eddie Riccardi, a local gangster who disappeared for several years after leaving his old partner Vince Alexander (Sonny Tufts) to take the rap for a big heist. This is news to Eddie who seems anything but a ruthless gangster, and when old flame Nina Martin (Ellen Drew) enters the scene to reconnect with Eddie he is determined to remember all his past history and clear his name if possible. Vince has other ideas and takes steps to implicate Eddie in a killing, and in a final fatal climax the truth is uncovered and Eddie realizes his destiny.

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01h 30m 22 April 1949

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