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Struck by Lightning (2012)

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A high school boy, desperate to escape the idiocy of the people in his hometown, tries to create a way in which he can move to New York, attend the college of his dreams and do something other than live in the footsteps of his drunken, divorced mother. Along the way he blackmails his fellow students into contributing to his literary magazine and discovers what it’s like to feel accomplished. Does he get accepted into the college of his dreams? Is he going to make a difference and follow his life goal?

Trapped in town that resents that his "IQ is bigger than his shoe size" and unknowingly medicated by his drunken (and also EXTRAVAGANTLY medicated) mother, Carson (Chris Collifer) goes to desperate lengths to get accepted into northwestern university. He finds that the school has more secrets than he thought, and uses them to start a literary magazine to increase his chances of getting in. Carson learns a lot about people and how unfair life really can be. He helps some people, and hurts a few more, chasing inspiration waiting to be struck by lightening.

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01h 30m 11 January 2013

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  • Original title: Struck by Lightning (2012)
  • Release date: 11 January 2013 (USA)
  • Director: Brian Dannelly
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
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