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Stag Hunt (2015)

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When four friends embark on a reckless Stag Weekend across the vast and uninhabited plains of Dartmoor, they are unaware that the local legend of a monstrous wild beast thought to roam the moors is terrifyingly true, that is until it starts to pick them off, one by one.

In a misguided attempt to celebrate his best friend Spencer Hartley's imminent wedding and subsequent emigration, Pete Hutchinson hastily arranges one final jolly, a weekend trek across the dramatic tors of Dartmoor, dragging their flatmate Jason Howard and Spencer's soon-to-be brother-in-law Andy Bossoms with them for a spot of farewell male bonding, boozing and adventure – the ultimate Stag party.It is not long before tempers start to flare, old rivalries come to the fore and, thanks to Pete's lack of organisation, their planned route is forced to change sending them off the path and deeper into the moors.And they are not alone. Local legends of a beast roaming the land are all too terrifyingly true and it is not long before they find themselves being hunted – one by one.Using what materials they have with them, the four men can only defend themselves from the creature whose territory they have strayed. But who will survive..?Having said all that, it is a comedy!

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01h 34m 16 May 2015

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