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Sof Shavua B'Tel Aviv (2008)

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The story takes place during one weekend in Tel-Aviv, in three main spots that lead to Carmel Market. There are three protagonists: 1. Tarek, a young Palestinian man from Nablus. 2. Katz, an embittered old fellow. 3. Keren, a 17-year-old girl who grew up in a strictly religious family and left home to become a secular youngster. The three “heroes” are loners, driven by their past and by their inner conviction.

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0h 0m 29 January 2010

  • Original title: Sof Shavua B'Tel Aviv (2008)
  • Release date: 29 January 2010 (Germany, Israel)
  • Director: Dror Zahavi
  • Genre: Drama
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