Sherlock Holmes (2010) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Sherlock Holmes (2010) (V) (2010)

image Sherlock Holmes (2010) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on the trail of a criminal and scientific mastermind who seems to control monsters and creations which defy belief.

Having kept the story a secret all these years, an aged Watson finally relates a tale so fantastical that it beggars belief.Holmes and Watson take up the trail of a mastermind who seems to have monsters, among other things, at his beckon call. A ship goes down and the lone survivor tells of a sea monster whose tentacles brought the ship down. Meanwhile, Londoners are frightened of a dinosaur said to be prowling the underbelly of the city. And the game's afoot.The trail leads Waston, Holmes and, yes, Lestrade to a most unexpected foe who has mastered science in unbelievable ways. It's up to the duo to stop this madman, bent on vengeance, from burning London to the ground… and killing the Queen!It's a surprisingly entertaining period romp from The Asylum which benefits greatly from both the acting talents assembled and director Rachel Goldenberg's keen eye for framing and pacing. It's shot and edited well and, quite frankly, seems a leap forward from The Asylum's usual fare. Some of the CG is a bit soft and on the 'made for TV' side, but that's to be expected when the entire film probably had a budget not much more than that of a single Dr. Who episode.

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01h 29m 26 January 2010

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