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Sheng si dou (1978)

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LIFE GAMBLE is the tale of a simple blacksmith (Kuo Chue) with extraordinary martial arts skills who is entangled in a life and death struggle between swordsmen, thieves, con artists, a smooth dagger-slinger (Fu Sheng), a beautiful seductress (Lin Chen-chi) who can kill you with her smile, a servant with a deadly whip, an assassin with a golden hairpin, an iron-fisted villain on a murderous rampage, a ruthless gambler with seemingly unlimited funds, and many, many more.

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0h 0m 26 April 1978

  • Original title: Sheng si dou (1978)
  • Release date: 26 April 1978 (Hong Kong)
  • Director: Cheh Chang
  • Genre: Action, Drama
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