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Seduction (2013/I) (2013)

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A fireman is in love to his landlady but is seduced by the girl she saves from a fire. He falls trap to the seductress and one day call it quits but the seductress is out for revenge. A conflagration ensues.

RAM (Richard Gutierrez) is a struggling fireman down on his luck. He gets suspended from his job pending investigation into their operations. This happens while moving heaven and earth to find money for his fathers kidney transplant where he himself is going to be the donor.But Ram is a survivor. He knows how to use his good looks and appeal to seduce people who can help him. In need of a place to stay, he ends up renting a room in his neighbors property, knowing that the owner TRINA (Sarah Labahti) is attracted to him. He finds her in a lonely and vulnerable state that one night, an intimate encounter becomes inevitable. Ram is however surprised when the woman becomes evasive after being intimate with her. He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even more mysterious as Trina continues to be a doting presence from a distance. Then SOPHIA (Solenn Heusaff) comes into Rams life like a fire in the night. After rescuing her in a hotel fire, Sophia asks to meet the hero who saved her life. When Sophia learns of Rams suspension from work, she accepts his offer to be her driver and bodyguard as she goes around the country leaning more about the culture and her roots. Sophia is a filthy rich, half-Filipina heiress from Paris who runs her own cable company after her parents died many years ago.Ram is however unprepared for the games that Sophia plays while being with her. Very attractive and straightforward, Ram is seduced into her inner world where passion becomes a major component of their relationship.As the hedonistic games with Sophia heighten, Ram finds himself having serious feelings for Trina. Sophia is not at all pleased and deals with Ram the only way she knows how- by throwing her weight around. Now Ram must choose between the two women in his life if he is to survive all these seduction games in the end. Will it be Sophia who seduced him? Or Trina whom he seduced?

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01h 45m 30 January 2013

  • Original title: Seduction (2013/I) (2013)
  • Release date: 30 January 2013 (Philippines)
  • Director: Peque Gallaga
  • Genre: Drama
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