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Samayou yaiba (2009)

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A middle school aged girl is dragged into a car while her screams fades away into the darkness of the night. The next day, the young girl’s body is discovered along the Arakawa river. Detectives Takashi Oribe and Shinichi Mano arrive on the scene and discover that the girl was drugged and sexually assaulted before being brutally murdered. Shortly later, the girl’s identity is discovered. Her name is Ema and she is the only daughter of Shigeki Nagamine. Shigeki Nagamine is then called in to the station to identify her body. After identifying the body of his only daughter Shigeki loses the will to live. One day, Shigeki receives a phone call from an unidentified person. The unidentified caller leaves Shigeki the names of two young men, Atsuya Tomotaki and Kaiji Sukano, who killed his daughter and also leaves Shigeki the address of Atsuya Tomotaki. Shigeki already frustrated with the lack of progress in the police investigation, decides to go to Atsuya Tomotaki’s home.

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01h 52m 10 October 2009

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