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Red Headed Woman (1932)

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Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her. She has another affair with the chauffeur Albert.

Jean Harlow in a pre Hay's code movie portrays a young beautiful woman who intends to sleep her way to the top in the Great Depression. Miss Harlow wearing a 'red' wig stops at nothing to sleep with the boss's son, Chester Morris, ruin his marriage to Leila Hyamas (who is a size '0' or less) for money. and marriage . Lots of sex and innuendo let us know that Jean Harlow is a healthy girl who enjoys a good sex life with the Chester's character Bill Legendre before marriage. Once married to Chester Morris, Jean's character is not accepted by his well to do friends and is made a laughing stock. Leaving town Jean heads to New York where she starts an immediate affair with an old friend of the family, over 60, and the family chauffer just for good measure. However Chester Morris finds out what is going on and tells her new lover, with her new engagement broken she heads back to Chester. Wise to her now and with a hopefull reunion with his first wife, she is rejected but accepts a payoff and heads off into the sunset with the chauffer. Now able to speak French, Jeam Harlow now finds herself a French millionaire and keeps the chauffer. Jean Harlow's character wears revealing clothes and is topless in one scene when changing. Una Merkel as her best friend is a great down to earth friend who accepts it all as quite normal behaviour for 1932. Very entertaining.

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01h 19m 25 June 1932

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