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Pororo, the Racing Adventure (2013)

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Curious little penguin Pororo and his friends accidentally cause an airplane to make an emergency landing in their home of Pororo Village. On the airplane are some turtles being shipped to Northpia to deliver ice sleds, or racing ice cars. Nevertheless, Pororo and his friends believe that the turtles are racers, and the turtles end up giving the gang at Pororo Village some lessons and passing on the championship spirit. In the end, Pororo and his friends follow the turtles to Northpia to participate in the race. Upon arriving at icily beautiful Northpia’s race, Pororo and his friends wind up unlikely front-runners, ahead of the polar bears, and make it to the finals. However, a more complicated course awaits Pororo and his friends- as does their strongest adversary yet.

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01h 18m 25 January 2013

  • Original title: Pororo, the Racing Adventure (2013)
  • Release date: 25 January 2013 (China, Hong Kong, South Korea)
  • Director: Jazz Boon, Young Kyun Park
  • Genre: Animation
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