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Plennyy (2008)

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The story of a young Chechen and his Russian captor during their civil war.

Based on Vladimir Makanin's The Prisoner from the Caucasus CAPTIVE focuses on the folly of war in an intimate, startling way. In modern times, the Russian soldiers are trapped in the vast Chechen landscape, stifling in the heat, lost in hostile, alien surrounds. The handsome, laconic commander Rubakhin and the playful sniper Vovka need a guide to lead their convoy to safety. They seize a local, beautiful boy, who becomes their passport to safety, but must pay a terrible price. And his captors will not escape from the incident unscathed either….

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01h 20m 11 September 2008

  • Original title: Plennyy (2008)
  • Release date: 11 September 2008 (Bulgaria, Russia)
  • Director: Aleksey Uchitel
  • Genre: Action, Drama
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