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Peared with a Kiss (2017)

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A doctor from Seattle returns to her family farm to reconnect with her son and finds more than she can imagine.

Recently widowed from the love of her life, Seattle surgeon Luna Gilson (Jen Lilley) threw
herself into her work to help her get through her loss, and remains busier than ever. She
seems to always be on call and, after realizing that she needs to devote more of herself to her
nine year-old son Andy (Brenden Sunderland), Luna decides to take him to her family's pear
farm for a week of relaxation and reconnection. Andy's not thrilled about the idea, but he's
happy just to get his mom alone for a whole week.
Though she hasn't been there for years, Luna's fond childhood memories of the farm quickly
remind her of all the things she loves about it there. The rows and rows of pear trees heavy
with fruit, the fresh air, and the warm and friendly townspeople of Pineview are all as she
remembers them, and she feels good there. She meets Will Nash (Ryan Paevey), the rugged
and handsome guy her parents appointed farm manager when they went abroad. While he and
Luna don't exactly hit it off from the get-go, it's hard to ignore the immediate spark of
attraction between them, although ignore it is exactly what Luna and Will do.
Before long, however, Andy and Will become fast friends, and Luna reconnects with some of
the friendly townspeople who have known her all her life. The more time Will and Luna spend
together, the more they relate to one another, but since neither is interested in a relationship,
they are happy to be just friends. Luna is very pleased that Andy is so happy here, and decides
to add another week onto the vacation, so that she and Andy will be able to attend Pineview's
annual Harvest Festival.
Meanwhile, knowing that the Gilson family farm will be sold soon, Will is working on a plan to
remain in the area and purchase his own farm. When Will is stuck in Seattle on the day the
harvest must begin, Luna jumps into action and pulls together resources to get the harvest
started on time. Once the Harvest Festival is in full swing, competition pits the Gilson farm
against an old family rival for Overall Best Pear, with Will's new hybrid representing the Gilson's.
It isn't long before Will and Luna realize that theirs is more than a mere attraction, the Harvest
Festival has a new pear champion, and Pineview is about to get a new doctor, since Luna has
decided that she and Andy are sticking around.

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