Out of the Darkness (2016/I) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Out of the Darkness (2016/I) (2015)

image Out of the Darkness (2016/I) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Eli is a man in his twenties with a calling on his life from a young age, but he’s been running from that calling – a modern day Jonah. After being fired by his father, arguing with his girlfriend in front of their daughter, and then a visit to the local pub, Eli decides to get out of town. On a lonely mountain highway Eli misses a turn and careens over an embankment, landing deep in the forest. It is a place of mystery with no way out, but it is there where God works on his heart. Satan is not far behind of course, working to convince Eli to take a different path. In the end Eli is faced with a choice that will have repercussions on generations as his destiny is to be the Billy Graham of his time.

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01h 28m 1 July 2016

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  • Original title: Out of the Darkness (2016/I) (2015)
  • Release date: 1 July 2016 (USA)
  • Director: Shawn Justice
  • Genre: Drama
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