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Maen-bal-eui ggoom (2010)

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After a series of pipe dream ventures go belly up, retired pro soccer player Kim Won-kang happens to visit East Timor, where he finds children playing the game barefoot on rocky pitches. Sensing a new business opportunity on finding the country doesn’t have a single sporting goods store, he embarks on a scheme to get rich quick by purveying athletic shoes to the unshod youngsters. Sadly, no one there can afford to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, even on a generous installment plan, and before he knows it, he is reduced to coaching a team of ragged 10-year-olds and prospects are looking grim.

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02h 01m 24 June 2010

  • Original title: Maen-bal-eui ggoom (2010)
  • Release date: 24 June 2010 (South Korea)
  • Director: Tae-gyun Kim
  • Genre: Drama, Sport
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