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Kulay dugo ang gabi (1964)

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This weird and chilling tale of vampires and the undead seeking to bring their kind back to life features the evil Marco (Ronald Remy), an updated version of the vampiric Count Dracula replete with cape, fangs, and clean-shaven head! Marco seeks to reanimate his long lost love and infuse her with the blood of his victims as he casts his evil spell over the inhabitants of a lonely village. Sharp fangs gleam in the night as bloodsuckers and bats seek fresh blood from the veins of their victims in this eerie drive-in favorite, also known as “The Vampire People” and featuring unusual color photography and tinting effects.

Dr Marco's [Ronald Remy] most beloved Katrina has died. As a vampire, Marco has devised a plan to bring her back from the dead. It requires large amounts of human blood and will eventually necessitate the transplantation of a human heart. Marco has the heart already picked out. He intends to use the heart of Katrina's twin sister Charito. Charito and Katrina [both played by Amalia Fuentes] were separated at birth. Katrina was raised by their mother Marisa [?], while Charito was raised by Elias [Paquito Saludo] and his wife [Mary Walter], who Charito believe to be her real parents. When Elias and his wife are murdered and return as vampires to Charito, she realizes something isn't right. Fortunately, she has her friend Rubin [?] and visitor-lover Victor de la Cruz [Eddie Fernandez] and his two sisters to protect her. She also has "Aunt" Marisa, who has invited Charito to live with her. Unfortunately, Marisa is allied with Marco and, although she later defies him, is charged with keeping Charito at hand until Marco needs her heart. Although the prayers of the priest are able to release Marco and Katrina from their vampirism for a short time, the monstrous evil of Satan repossesses them again. The time has come to transplant Charito's heart into Katrina. Marco summons Charito through his pet bat Basrah (who snarls like a panther). When Mother Marisa defies Marco's power, Marco has Basrah kill her. As Vincent and the cops arrive, Marco and Katrina attempt to flee. Victor, armed with a flare gun, saves Charito, Marco disappears, and the priest lays Katrina to rest.

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01h 28m May 1966

  • Original title: Kulay dugo ang gabi (1964)
  • Release date: May 1966 (Philippines, USA)
  • Director: Gerardo de Leon
  • Genre: Horror
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