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Karanliktakiler (2009)

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A drama-thriller centered on an advertising agency employee for whom work is an outlet from his life under his overbearing mother’s roof.

Egemen (Erdem Akakçe) is a man in his thirties who works as an office boy at an advertising agency and, in spite of his advancing age, is forced to live inside the same house with his mother Gülseren (Meral Çetinkaya). For Egemen, life has meant dealing with his mothers mental black-outs and it has been like a small version of hell hidden away in their house and maybe prepared just for them.For Gülseren, on the other hand, the only thing that makes life worth living is Egemen. The rest is an endless angst and a restless spirit endured in her house in which she imprisoned herself. The only person that she wants to be with is Egemen. Even the thought of something that might separate her from her son is enough to drive her mad.The only place where Egemen can breathe easy and escape the hell he has spent his whole life living,, is the advertising agency where he works. Connecting with the outside world through his work is what takes Egemen away, if only for a while, escaping his mothers dark world. To complicate matters, , Egemen interest in his boss Umay (Derya Alabora) has become a new dilemma. His mothers presence is a huge impediment for his interest. Egemen feels stuck between his mother Gülseren and his bossUmay. IN DARKNESS is the sometimes frightening, sometimes suspenseful, and somewhat funny story of a mother whose life has been shaped by the moral judgment of the middle-class and the young man forced to live in his mothers hell.

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01h 40m 2 October 2009

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