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Jerky Turkey (1945)

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The Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock and found a colony. A very large number of Pilgrims can be seen standing in line… for their cigarette rations. A Pilgrim goes hunting for Thanksgiving dinner. He meets a black market turkey, one who sounds like Jimmy Durante. The turkey sells himself to the Pilgrim, but a chase ensues… The turkey can deflect machine gun bullets… when dressed as Superman. The two declare a truce and decide to eat together at Joe’s Diner…

A pilgrim hunts for a Thanksgiving turkey, but the turkey has other plans. A chase ensues between the two, during which they keep seeing a bear with a sign advertising "Eat at Joe's." When neither can get the upper hand, they decide to call a truce and try "Joe"s" diner.

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00h 07m 7 April 1945

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