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Hatsuyuki no koi (2007)

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Min is a Korean boy moves to Japan with his father who is a potter. One day at a local shrine, he meets Nanae, a beautiful Japanese girl with stunning eyes who is aspiring to be a painter. Min falls in love at first sight and finds out that Nanae attends the school to which he has just transferred. Their friendship develops fast despite their cultural and language difference. When Min’s grandmother falls ill, Min returns to Korea and Nanae is nowhere to be found. Had his true feelings for Nanae not been apparent to her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?

Kim Min is a male student from South Korea, who travels to Japan to visit his father, who is a potter, and also to get away from stressful duties of high school. On his way to his father's, Min comes across a Japanese shrine where he meets a beautiful girl, Nanae Sasaki. Later Min is told that he will attend a Japanese school, even though he lacks the language capabilities. He is misunderstood by a possible rival in the schools gymasium and later discovers that Nanae attends the same school. The two find love even through their language barrier, and had their first kiss on their 100th anniversary in middle of a festival in Japan. When Min's grandmother suddenly falls ill, Min hastily returns to Korea without having the time to explain Nanae the situation. After his grandmother regains her health, Min hurries back to Japan but due to Nanae's alcoholic mother and her mother's abusive lover, the family is forced to move away in fear that one day her mother's lover begin abusing Nanae and her younger sister as well. Min is torn a part by Nanae's sudden disappearance and decides to move back to South Korea. At an art museum in South Korea, Nanae attended an art festival in which she placed her artwork for display. As she walks through the crowd in front of a dance performance, for the festival, a voice calls out Min's name and the moment the two meet eye to eye Nanae's face lit up with a happiness. Althought Nanae was pleased to see Min once again, he did not feel the same, for Nanae had left without word. The two had later separated with feelings of guilt and saddness but when Min discovers something from his grandmother he desperately searches for Nanae. In the most apparent of places Min finds Nanae in the depth of virgin white snow and the two apologize for their misunderstangings in loving embrace.

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0h 0m 1 November 2007

  • Original title: Hatsuyuki no koi (2007)
  • Release date: 1 November 2007 (Japan, South Korea)
  • Director: Sang-hee Han
  • Genre: Romance
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