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Fishing Naked (2015)

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Fishing Naked is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods. They pull Bigfoot hoaxes, scare tourists, disrespect their elders, hook up and smoke dope. It is told from the small town perspective of having to deal with annoying tourists from the city. About the time they start to really get noticed, they realize there is a creature, that they have inadvertently put in harms way with all the attention they have been attracting to their rural mountain community. As their relationships fray, they hatch a half-baked plot to pull the biggest hoax yet to right their wrongs by deliberately getting caught in the act.

A comedy for the post-Twilight generation, Fishing Naked is a modern legend of pranks, romantic entanglements, and outrageous comedy. When a series of Bigfoot hoaxes get out of hand, hormones and hilarity ensue. Two fly fisherman buddies, David and Rodney (Twilight's Bronson Pelletier and TV pinup Evan Williams), simply want to drive tourists away from their idyllic fly fishing river paradise. But they stumble upon two gorgeous trust-fund chicks (Elyse Levesque from Stargate Universe and Twilight's Tinsel Korey), and the foursome takes the gags to the next level. From Sasquatch suits and YouTube pranks to a giant fake spaceship, their hoaxes start to backfire: attracting attention rather than scaring off tourists. As TV crews, the FBI, and even an extraterrestrial visitor descend upon their pristine mountain community, these four pranksters are quick to respond … they get baked and go fishing. Flirtatious sparks ignite even as the mayhem explodes around them. Fishing Naked provides an irreverent but endearing portrayal of rural mountain communities, the plague of tourism, and the allure of native lore. The cast is rounded out by loveably stoic Grandma Ottertale (Northern Exposure's Elaine Miles) and her smirking sheriff boyfriend (Steve Reevis, Fargo). Producer/director Pete Coggan and his co-writer Paul Lee created Fishing Naked on the heels of the successful release of their first film, Woodshop, starring Jesse Ventura, Mitch Pileggi and Don S. Davis. Cast and crew were drawn to the story for its thoughtful and authentic depiction of Native Americans, avoiding melodramatic portrayals or trite nostalgia. The film's raucous vision of rural towns, mythology, the clumsy charm of young love, and the sheer joy of troublemaking emphasizes that cinema like this was meant to be fun. Striking visual effects keep the film floating in realms of pure imagination while the town's scheming locals and bumbling tourists add to the earthly chaos. With beautiful cinematic and technical polish, the film takes viewers to an enchanted place where boys meet the girls of their dreams, girls meet the boys of their dreams, and that's just the beginning of their outrageous adventure. A guy in a Bigfoot suit, a gun-toting angry businessman, a fake UFO, a real extraterrestrial, and a small-town police force that somehow wants to stir it all up. Throw in an anchorman looking for his big break, a grandma who hopes the kids just get laid, and some really good homegrown ganja, and let the chase begin. Fishing Naked is a comedy for the young and young-at-heart.

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