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False Alarms (1936)

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The stooges are firemen who are constantly getting in trouble, they’ve been warned that one more incident will cost them their jobs. Curly sneaks out anyway to visit his girlfriend. She has two friends who need dates, but the only way Curly can get Moe and Larry out of the station is to pull a fire alarm. The firetruck leaves without Moe and Larry, so they steal the captains new car to make it to the call first. They manage to get Curly and get back to the station, but in doing so wreck the car and must leave on the run.

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00h 18m 16 August 1936

  • Original title: False Alarms (1936)
  • Release date: 16 August 1936 (USA)
  • Director: Del Lord
  • Genre: Comedy, Short
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