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Execution (2006)

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At the beginning of our story it’s 1995 and two fledgling filmmakers, Richard and Daniel, are on their way to make a documentary about life in prison. As a favor to Richard’s uncle, the warden has given the filmmakers and their crew unprecedented access to all of the prison including death row where we learn that an inmate will be put to death in seven days. At this point, Execution moves forward to the present day where we meet Mimi who is trying to sell the film that Richard and Daniel are in the process of editing. The prison footage, we find out, was confiscated by the warden ten years earlier and has just now been returned to the filmmakers. Throughout the rest of Execution, the present and the past cross as we discover just how much or how little Richard and Daniel have changed. Back in the prison, the warden takes the filmmakers on their first visit to death row to meet the condemned man. It’s here that Daniel has an epiphany that the focus of their documentary must be about this man and his final moment in the electric chair. For the rest of the film Daniel and Richard clash over just how far to take their film and who is really in charge. As the execution date draws near, the audience will witness the step-by-step process that goes into an actual execution and we come to see how the condemned man and the warden share many of the same feelings and ultimately travel this journey together.

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