Creepshow 3 (2006) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Creepshow 3 (2006) (V) (2006)

image Creepshow 3 (2006) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

“Alice”: The suburban Alice is an annoying teenager that does not like the neighborhood where she lives. When her father uses a universal remote control developed by Professor Dayton, she moves to other dimensions with other families and when she returns, she’s transformed into a rabbit, and is forgotten by her family. “The Radio”: The security guard Jerry buys a radio developed by Professor Dayton from a street vendor. The radio talks to him and gives instructions to steal US$ 300,000.00 from a criminal, kill a couple of smalltime crook neighbors and move to another city. When Jerry decides to bring the prostitute Eva with him, he seals his fate, when he destroys the radio and has a tragic surprise. “Call Girl”: Rachel’s a call-girl and serial killer. When she’s hired by the weird Victor, she kills him while having sex, but later, she finds the truth about the odd teenager. “The Professor’s Wife”: Professor Dayton invites his two best former students to introduce his fiancée Kathy in a dinner party. Charles and John believe Kathy is an android and decide to disassemble her in the best episode. “Haunted Dog”: The mean, abusive and reckless Dr. Farwell is serving in a free clinic in a poor neighborhood. When he accidentally drops a hot-dog on the sidewalk, he gives the dirty sandwich to a homeless beggar and the man dies. Then he is haunted by the ghost of the beggar.

Story #1: "Alice"Alice (Stephanie Pettee) is a stuck-up, snotty teenager who comes home to find her alcoholic police detective father meddling with some kind of universal remote control. Whenever he presses one of the buttons on the device, the whole family except for Alice changes ethnicity (i.e., the "Color and Hue Settings" button makes her family turn African-American, and the "Subtitles" button makes her family turn Hispanic). During this, Alice gradually mutates into what is supposedly her "true form".Just when Alice thinks everything is back to normal, her father presses another button, revealing Alice's true form. Her family is absolutely horrified at the sight of hideious and evil Alice. The story ends with Professor Dayton, the mad scientist from down the street, using another remote control to turn Alice into a white rabbit.Story #2: "The Radio"Jerry (A. J. Bowen) is a part-time security guard who buys a radio from a homeless street vendor to replace his old one which has stopped working; however, this mysterious new radio is far from ordinary as it can have a conversation with Jerry. Very soon Jerry is stealing money and murdering people, all at the whim of his new radio. Meanwhile, Detective Jacobs (Alice's father from Story #1) begins investigating the murders and confronts Jerry, who runs.After escaping from Detective Jacobs with a hooker, who lives in his apartment building, Jerry is told by the radio to kill the hooker or she will kill him. He refuses and destroys the radio. Right after, the hooker finds his gun in the car and shoots Jerry, killing him. Moments after she kills him and wipes the gun clean, she is shot in the head. The shooter is revealed to be her pimp living in the same building as Jerry. When the pimp returns to his car, another radio tells him to go and start a new life.Story #3: "Call Girl"Rachel, a murderous call girl (from Story #2), receives a request from a shy man named Victor, her newest client. Rachel thinks he will be just another easy victim. When Rachel gets there, scenes of a murdered family with their necks ripped out are flashed on-screen, and there is no evidence of Victor living in the house. Rachel then chains him to the bed and proceeds to stab him in the chest, suffocate him by a pillow over his face, and then has a quick shower. She then keeps hearing Victor's voice saying, "You killed me." Rachel removes the pillow and reveals a gruesome creature with a large, toothy mouth. It is then revealed that Victor is a vampire. He kills Rachel and hangs her in the room with the house owners whom he's already killed.Story #4: "The Professor's Wife"Two former students come to visit Professor Dayton and meet his fiancee, Kathy. Having been victims of his practical jokes in the past, they suspect that Kathy is actually a robot, which the professor has supposedly spent the last 20 years working on in his laboratory. She also behaves like a robot and does not eat or drink, which further indicates that she is probably mechanical. When the professor is out of the house, they decide to dismantle Kathy to see what she looks like on the inside.To their utter horror, they learn that Kathy really was a human being after all. The professor later buys an 'advanced' voodoo kit from the homeless street vendor to put Kathy back together in time for the wedding.Rachel, the killer call girl, makes a brief appearance in this story.Story #5: "Haunted Dog"A cruel, miserly doctor, Dr. Farwell, is working a 30-day court-ordered sentence at a free clinic, where he is very insolent and rude towards his patients. He even goes as far as to show no sympathy towards a young girl with a brain tumor and mocks an elderly woman who is going blind. One day he buys a hot dog, which is poisoned and intended for him.But Dr. Farwell accidentally drops it on the ground. He sadistically decides to give the dirty hot dog to a homeless man who has been bothering him for some spare change. The homeless man dies after taking one bite, and he returns to haunt the cruel doctor. The story ends with the doctor having a heart attack from having had too many encounters with his ghostly stalker.The vampire Victor from "Call Girl" also appears in this segment, and he seems to be in cahoots with Dr. Farwell.The Hispanic woman from "Alice" also makes an appearance in this story. Also, it is revealed that the street vendor/homeless man got the two radios from the professor in "The Professor's Wife".

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