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Crashing Thru Danger (1936)

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Three electric-company linemen–Torchy, Slim and Eddie–are constantly reprimanded by their supervisor, “Pop” Foster, for their behavior, which is a bit too “happy-go-lucky” for Pop’s tastes. On the day that Pop gets his 25-year service pin and is to retire, the crew is called out on an emergency repair call. When Pop goes down into a manhole to see what the problem is, Torchy’s negligence causes an explosion, and Pop is killed. The three decide to take care of Pop’s pretty young daughter, Ann, by having her move into their house and be their housekeeper. It’s not long, however, before each of them begins to fall for Ann, and Ann has the same feelings for one of them. Complications ensue.

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0h 0m 15 September 1938

  • Original title: Crashing Thru Danger (1936)
  • Release date: 15 September 1938 (USA)
  • Director: Sam Newfield
  • Genre: Drama
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